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The MSBl Project is mostly funded by its participsants. The wonderful realities of "the cloud" mean that the costs in equipment and network resources to run a blocklist are several orders of magnitude lower today than they were a decade ago. But we are looking for people to use our blocklists, send in bug reports, and add support for our blocklists to MTAs, anti-spam appliances, and spam filters.

If you would like to test our first blocklist, the EBL, please read "About the EBL for information and resources. Developers who would like to add support for the EBL to an MTA or other program, please contact the MSBL administrator for more information. Finally, if you are interested in developing a HASHBL and would like to make it part of the MSBL project, please contact the MSBL administrator to discuss your project.

The MSBL project does not currently accept donations of money from the public. Doing so would require registering a non-profit orgnaization and hiring an accountant and tax attorney. We're too cheap. ;)