Implemeting the EBL

If you would like to test the EBL, first read the Purpose and Design pages, or download and read the EBL Blocklist information leaflet. These will provide details about the EBL that you will need to know before you set it up and use it.

Implementing the EBL on most mailservers requires an extension to existing MTA software or a filter. The following tools currently provide EBL support at beta or production levels:

Other tools are currently under development, including instructions for configuring Exim, and should be posted shortly.

Beta testers might also find Catherine's dnslcheck.sh script useful. It takes an IP address, a domain, or an email address, and queries the specified blocklist or all blocklists. After you unpack and install it, type dnslckeck.sh noemail@example.com to test the EBL. Type dnslckeck.sh help for use information, and dnslckeck.sh list for a list of supported blocklists.

The EBL team especially solicits contributors, beta testers and beta test sites in the following fields:

For more information, contact the MSBL administrator.