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30 June 2017

EXIM support for the EBL is now available on Github. See EBL Implementation for more information.

27 June 2017

The Email Blocklist (EBL) has entered second-stage beta testing.

Several MTAs and spam filters now have beta support the EBL. Descriptions and links are available on the EBL Tools page.

19 October 2016

The first project of the MSBL, the Email Blocklist (EBL), has entered beta testing.

The EBL contains cryptographic hashes of email addresses that appear in spam emails so that spam recipients can contact the spammer. Most listed email addresses are at large free webmail sites, and were originally spotted in the Reply-to headers or messsage bodies of "Nigerian" 419 Advance Fee Fraud spam or other types of spam that use similar techniques.

For more information, see EBL.