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The Missed Spam Blocklists (MSBL) project is an incubator for anti-abuse, anti-spam and pro-privacy technologies for use with non-broadcast (private) electronic communications, such as email, SMS, instant messaging, and VOIP. It promotes development of new methods of stopping spam and other forms of network and messaging abuse that established anti-abuse and anti-spam tools miss. Its mandate also covers technologies that enhance user privacy and security on non-broadcast electronic communications platforms.

The MSBL is currently focused on developing HASHBL blocklists, blocklists that store data elements as cryptographic hashes. The first MSBL project, the Email Blocklist (EBL), is a HASHBL that lists email addresses as SHA1 hashes.

The Team

The MSBL team consists of a number of people with backgrounds in anti-spam blocklists, filters, and appliances. An administrator who uses the nickname "die Eule" manages the project and handles communications with the public. Die Eule also ensures that removal requests and bug reports receive prompt attention.

The other contributors built the blocklist platform, handle system administration tasks, and developed the software that generates most listings. Others assist with spam feeds and research into types of abuse that might be fought effectively with a HASHBL.