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The MSBl Project is mostly funded by its participsants. The wonderful realities of "the cloud" mean that the costs in equipment and network resources to run a blocklist are several orders of magnitude lower today than they were a decade ago. We are always looking for people to use our blocklists, send in bug reports, and add support for our blocklists to MTAs, anti-spam appliances, and spam filters.

Our first blocklist, the EBL, is in full production. Low-volume users may query the EBL at ebl.msbl.org. Higher-volume users, such as most companies with more than 50 active mailboxes, should arrange for commercial access from the EBL's reseller SecurityZones.

Two new blocklists are in the planning stages. The first, Greymail, will target B2B spam and other unsolicited bulk email sent by otherwise legitimate companies or organizations whose domains and IP addresses also appear in legitimate email. The second, SPIM, will target instant messaging spam sent through SMS, VOIP, Skype, other messaging applications. If e you have special interest in either of these, contact the MSBL contributors group to get in touch with those teams.

The MSBL project does not currently accept donations of money from the public. Doing so would require registering a non-profit orgnaization and hiring an accountant and tax attorney. We're too cheap to do that. ;)